Keith Cuddeback

Levitation Meditation

Machu Picchu, Peru


Now that I’m finally retired and have been photographing landscapes for more than 40 years, I think I can finally consider myself an advanced amateur. Back in 1978, I began with the innovative Olympus OM-1. Like so many film photographers, my darkroom was set up in the spare third bathroom centered around the legendary Beseler 23C enlarger.

Today I‘m still shooting Olympus, now the OMD EM-1. For me, photography isn’t about the gear, however. It’s more about being out in nature and documenting those experiences.  


Into holistic health, so I green juice almost daily, eat my veggies, love the natural healing qualities of essential oils and do my best to eat real food. Personally, I don’t hug trees but am loyal to the cause.

In 2017 I learned I‘d acquired a case of prostate cancer so that’s curtailed my photography quite a bit as I try to heal it holistically. Now, in 2019, my partner Mai and I have decided to become vagabonds and adopt the nomadic lifestyle. I’m thinking this will allow me many more photographic opportunities as we move freely about the country. 

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